Ceiling Repairs

Ceiling Repair Services

Patching Holes In Ceilings

Kings Ceiling Repairs Perth can repair holes in ceilings or from down lights repairing your ceiling and making it look like brand new.

Repair Sagging Ceilings

All ceilings especially old plasterglass ceilings which are held up by straps over the ceiling joists begin to sag over time. It is very important to repair this because the sagging could become worse as ceiling joists break and go beyond repair. Kings Ceiling Repairs Perth have you covered in both these instances and will fix your sagging ceiling for the best price in the business.

Replace Ceilings

If your ceiling is too damaged or beyond repair or extremely sagging or have collapsed, Kings Ceiling Repairs Perth will have to have them replaced. This can be very messy especially if the roof is filled with insulation. We will cover, and will try to contain this mess as best as possible and clean it up thoroughly afterwards.

Small Renovations

Bathroom or kitchen renovations to small extensions, installation of new ceilings, cornice or Gyprock walls, Kings Ceiling Repairs Perth can do that for you! We cover the lot and will have you sorted in no time.

Water Damaged Ceilings

In alot of cases, Kings Ceiling Repairs Perth will cut out and replace your water damaged section of your ceiling and replace it leaving it looking nice and clean.

Decorative Plasterglass Cornices

This old trade that not many people can do, Kings Ceiling Repairs Perth can do perfectly! We have over 20 years of experience in this field and excellent at this type of cornice installation.


This is a very common renovation at Kings Ceiling Repairs Perth where we used plasterboard to cover up old brick walls leaving them with a modern look and a nice clean finish with minimal mess.

Other Ceiling Repairs & Wall Repairs

If there are any other types of ceiling repairs or wall repairs that you may need or want to inquire about that we haven’t mentioned, contact us and we will be happy to help!